Date : 27/09/2010

COP A1- Peace Theatre : THEME: Spirit of Giving

The act of giving is our heritage. The world has always revolved around this generous act of giving each other whatever it may be - love, care, money or even a smile. Peace Theatre, an inter-college street theatre competition, is being held to highlight this importance of giving. It is aimed at fostering the different colours of giving among students.

Registration fee per team Rs. 150/-


  • Date : 27th September, Time : 11.30pm- 1.30pm
  • 5-10 participants per team
  • Performance time 8 minutes
  • Topic Dhaanam (Spirit of giving)
  • Performance will be held in an open space.
  • No sound system will be provided
  • Script should be given to the Judges before the performances.

  • First Prize : Rs.2500
    Second : Rs. 2000
    Third : Rs. 1000

Peace of Art
Date : 27/09/2010

COP- A2: Paint Pieces into Peace : THEME: Sketching the Dignity of Difference

It takes many colours to make white. This event focuses on which colour you have got in you!! You need to paint in colours your idea of peace, keeping in mind the current social atmosphere of terrorism and conflict between religions and cultures. It must be creative and evocative. You need to demonstrate in your work of art the ways by which you can contribute to make a more peaceful world. So let your imagination run wild.

Registration fee per team: Rs. 250/-


  • Date : 27th September, Time : 1.30pm- 3.00pm
  • Time duration 2hours 30mins
  • 5-8 participants per team
  • Each Group will be provided with a canvas board to paint
  • You need to bring your own colors
  • No water colors; only Acrylic paint should be used.
  • Idea note of the painting should be written in typed format and handed over to the judge before the competition

First Prize : Rs. 3,000
Second : Rs. 2,000
Third : Rs. 1000

Crack the issue on spot
Date : 27/09/2010

COP-A3 Short Skit : THEME: Social Stigmas

This event gives all blooming actors an opportunity to provide quick and sustainable solutions to a given scenario (based on an existing social problem) in the form of a skit. The participants should enact a play for five minutes on any social stigmas related to children, senior citizens, poverty, health etc. This event aims at producing concrete solutions to these weeds in our social garden.

Registration fee per team: Rs. 30/-


  • Date: 27th September, Time : 1.30pm- 2.30pm
  • Preparation time : 10 mins
  • Performance time 5 minutesVoice or non-voice performance
  • 3-6 participants per team
  • Voice or non-voice performance
  • Use of Tamil or English only
  • Stage event / mikes provided

First Prize : Rs. 1,500
Second : Rs. 1,000
Third : Rs. 500