Is giving fish to the hungry, thereby meeting his needs, enough or do we have a further responsibility to empower him to fish, thereby teaching him to look after his own needs? The debate provides an opportunity to all future ‘Gandhi’s’ and ‘Churchill’s’, who have good ideas with concrete foundations, to come...
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Crack the issue on spot
This event gives all blooming actors an opportunity to provide quick and sustainable solutions to a given scenario (based on an existing social problem) in the form of a skit. The participants should enact a play for five minutes on any social stigmas related...
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Peace of Art
It takes many colours to make white. This event focuses on which colour you have got in you!! You need to paint in colours your idea of peace, keeping in mind the current social atmosphere of terrorism and conflict between religions and cultures.It must be creative and evocative.
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The Idea
Peace Cultural, an initiative by Peace Rangers of Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions (IDCR), blends forces of peace with traditions of culture to instill in the youth of today an awareness of the necessity of peace and justice in a society fragmented by caste, religion, language and race. This is to promote harmony between cultures and religions and provide solutions for conflicts, thereby helping the younger generation to transcend the barriers of difference in the community. And persuade them to celebrate the dignity of differences.