Date : 27/09/2010

COP- A4 Debate : TOPIC: Giving vs. Empowering

Is giving fish to the hungry, thereby meeting his needs, enough or do we have a further responsibility to empower him to fish, thereby teaching him to look after his own needs? The debate provides an opportunity to all future ‘Gandhi’s’ and ‘Churchill’s’, who have good ideas with concrete foundations, to come, think, reflect and share your perspective on the topic and argue your cause. It also gives you a fair chance to question others’ views. The teams should debate on the purpose, importance, impact and criteria of giving and empowering for sustainable social development.

Registration fee per team: Rs. 50/-


• Date: 27th September, Time : 3.00pm- 4.30pm

• One hour event

• Selection on first come, first serve basis; first twelve teams will be selected

• 2 students per team from each college

• One talking in support of ‘giving’ and the other for empowerment

The best performance will be rewarded with a Memento and a Certificate

Please Note:

• Date: 27th of September

• Venue: Valluvar Kottam. Numgambakkam, Chennai-34.

• Registration fee payment: 27th September, 11.00 a.m. onwards.

• Online Registration

• Opens on 15th September

• Closes on 25th September

• Get registered at

• No on-the-spot registrations