Who are the Peace Rangers?

This is an inter-collegiate student movement formed by IDCR, Loyola College, Chennai. IDCR is a research centre that involves itself in research activities on conflicts between religions and cultures and on the ways of evolving conflict resolutions through dialogue and understanding. The University of Madras, Chennai, has recognized the institute as a postgraduate (doctoral) research centre in comparative studies in religions and cultures. It supervises doctoral theses on this theme.

In Peace Rangers, there are 87 members who have committed themselves for promoting peace and dialogue in Chennai city and beyond. They come together once a week to discuss issues of conflict in the country and learn about different cultures and religions of the world. And they organise workshops, seminars, campaigns and road shows on the themes. Recently they organised a Music festival entitled “Let My People Live” in which college bands performed and the three top numbers were awarded cash prizes at Elliots beach in Chennai. “Peace of Art” for school children saw 400 of them drawing pictures on the theme “Peace with Art” on 63th Independence day of our country.

This year we are collaborating with CSIM and CIOSA in organising Peace Cultural for college students during the SEVA MELA which is to be held on 26th and 27th September at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai.


The Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM) is a business school for social work that promotes the concept of social entrepreneurship. It offers many training programmes on social entrepreneurship for prospective social entrepreneurs, NGO heads and socially conscious individuals. CSIM is a founder member of CIOSA and is also the official training partner for CIOSA members.

About CSIM

CIOSA (Confederation of Indian Organizations for Service and Advocacy) is a collaborative platform for NGOs, corporate, and Individuals for mutual learning, resource sharing and collective espousal of social causes. The network has more than 250 NGOs, 14 corporate, 300 individuals. Seva Mela is an exhibition conceived by CIOSA and is conducted every year to sensitize the society of the work done by voluntary organization in Chennai. There are several programmes targeted at school & college students, NGO beneficiaries, Corporate and general public. Seva Mela attracts over 3000 people every year. This year “Peace Cultural” is held as part of Seva Mela, during Joy of Giving Week.

Joy of Giving Week

Joy of giving week is a festival of giving that aims to bring together all Indians across India and abroad through different acts of giving – money, time, skill or resources.

Please Note:

  • Date: 27th of September
  • Venue: Valluvar Kottam. Numgambakkam, Chennai-34.
  • Registration fee payment: 27th September, 11.00 a.m. onwards.
  • Online Registration
  • Opens on 15th September
  • Closes on 25th September
  • Get registered at www.idcrdialogue.com
  • No on-the-spot registrations